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What People are Saying

“I enjoyed reading your onsite and outreach programs — great work!”
E-mail comment after creating an on-site and outreach education program for Laurier House, National Historic Site of Canada, Parks Canada, Ottawa, ON

“I know persons such as you are trained, educated and experienced in the work you do, but I was totally impressed with your report and all the associated time involved."
Written comment after a project for the Wellesley Township Heritage Historical Society, Wellesley, ON.


Historical societies, museums, and parks — regional, provincial/territorial and national —

  • Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, Exeter, ON
  • National Capital Commission, Gatineau, QC
  • Northwest Territories Parks, Yellowknife, NT
  • Parks Canada, Ottawa, ON
  • Wellesley Township Heritage Historical Society, Wellesley, ON


This project was to create a bilingual in-house education project and an outreach education project relating to WWII, War and Remembrance for this national historic site and home of two prime ministers (Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King).

Everyone on the project was SO much fun to work with! Thanks to: Celine Dussault, Accurate Translation (Prince Edward County, ON); Helen Goodall, editing; Matt Connell, sound engineer (Guelph, ON); David Crane, DVD expert; Elyse Gagne and Rock Chan for the photo session; Matt Connell, Bruno Chiovitti, Jordan Elsey, Ambrose Kirby, Matt Setzkorn, and Sharon Smith for acting; Louise Hamelin and Marjolène Alie, Parks Canada Project Managers; Derek Cooke for research and patience, and as always, Amzie.

Elyse Gange
This photo shows Elyse Gagne, a wonderful guide interpreter who took the role of the undermaid Marie -Joseé (photo credit, Rock Chan). This was part of the on-site photo-shoot to create the DVD that could be made available to schools
Voice Actors
This photo shows some of the voice actors after a taping session including lian, who took on the role of narrator in French and English.


Wellesley is a beautiful village in the heart of Mennonite country. The two-story school house, shown here, is home to the WTHHS room, where Heritage Zoo spent several months creating an inventory of items with a catalogue, and doing some collections and exhibit work.

lian goodall & Derek Cooke
Ron Hackett and Derek Cooke
Ron Hackett, WTHHS Chair, with Derek Cooke. Ron and everyone with the WTHHS were great to work with!
lian and Derek
Derek and lian near one of the
splendid quilts in the collection.


These photos show lian putting together an exhibit of fragile mussel shells. We had to invent special gluing methods of gluing delicate mussel shells that involved weights of rice in tiny bags. A fascinating project: whoever knew that mussels were so cool, and some of them are endangered!

lian goodall
mussel display

Government of the Northwest Territories

One project for 2010 was to create three non-personal interpretation pieces for children ages 6 to 12 (read that as things to be given out to kids at campgrounds). We created a deck of playing cards carrying images of sensitive or at risk animals; a twelve-page plant activity booklet and a bookmark with interesting facts. Terrific stuff!

lian and artist-designer Marilyn Koop

lian and artist-designer Marilyn Koop discuss images.

Stephanie Yuill of Industry, Tourism and Parks, Government of the Northwest Territories

Project Manager, the lively Stephanie Yuill of Industry, Tourism and Parks, Government of the Northwest Territories, on the Mackenzie River.

Samples of the Northwest Territories Non-personal Interpretation Project for Children


Six sample educational playing cards


Sample Jokers and card back for the Spectacular Animals of the Northwest Territories playing cards

Booklet Sample

Sample of booklet, Spectacular Animals of the Northwest Territories with images and activities for children

A New Venture For Heritage Zoo: We’ve published a book!

The Very Able Quadriplegic in 140C by Alain Paradis

The Very Able Quadriplegic in 140C"I'm a bedridden quadriplegic. Would I rather have not been a bedridden quadriplegic? That’s a quandary from which there could be no response. I know I’d rather be me, and I certainly have MS." —Alain Paradis

Alain Paradis. Paradis is currently a resident in Room 140, Bed C at Hallowell House, Picton, Ontario but his mind is not confined to his bed—nor is his sense of humour. In his warm and funny autobiography, Paradis has readers both hooting out loud and crying as he recounts instances related to his Multiple Sclerosis, his two battles with cancer and other health challenges that he meets with candid humanity, laughter and quiet courage.

General readers and healthcare professionals will gain insight about the lives and coping skills of physically challenged and critically ill people. They will share Paradis’ frustration over bogus parking tickets and insurance scams, and applaud when they read about the day he got mad and threw a rock through two bank doors — before going to prison.

An inspiring story, not to be missed!

$20 tax included (add $2.75 postage in Canada)
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Heritage Zoo
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